Trevor Kuna Explores Istanbul

Short Production Story...


Istanbul is an important center for entrepreneurs İstanbul

Qnet is an organization that improves the quality of life of entrepreneurs close to the quarter century. Qnet in 2019 wanted to call his followers with a storytelling example.

What have we done?

Story telling is a great technique to tell the story of a brand telling

For centuries, Istanbul’s commercial center located in Eminonu, the Spice Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar in places such as we have told you QNET Global CEO Trevor K to be fed with Turkey on how to survive on the street entrepreneurship.

Where did we get to?

After the movie was liked by the brand, we prepared the Arabic and English versions. This film was shot in two days and Istanbul was completely turned upside down. Working with QNET has always been enjoyable for us. The film was assembled in 15 days and ready for publication.