Yesilay (Green Crescent) | IDS 2019

2. International Symposium on Drug Policies and Public Health


We were asked to produce the social media content for the event, which was organized by the Green Crescent.

The biggest goal was to announce the event through all digital channels.

What have we done?

We identified target audience headings as indexed to the topics and speakers in the event. Considering this target group, we have produced dynamic content in accordance with the corporate identity of Yesilay and IDS. We did not only produce content but also worked in the field.

As a result:

  • We supported the event with a team of 4 people,
  • We produced special content for social media,
  • We have prepared a web page for the event in a short time,
  • A film about the event was prepared.

Where did we get to?

  • We reached more than 200 thousand people with social media communication, including academicians, sector professionals and related undergraduate students.
  • We collected approximately 1,500 people by collecting records via the website.
  • The contents we have prepared have been translated into different languages ​​and we have the opportunity to call out from many different nationalities.